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National Public School is run by the National Education Trust and is a linguistic, regional, minority institution inculcating in student aspirants, a high-quality education, across 4 cities – Bangalore, Rajajinagar, Chennai, and Indiranagar, the one in Bangalore being most famous. The NPS family thrives to provide a secure future to its students, and a promise to their parents to be consistent for their children’ safety. It encourages its students to share and participate as much as they can, to boost their confidence, and adapt themselves to varied backgrounds when required.

Over 47 of its students have topped the board results in the year 2020 with 95+ percentages, and the institution continues to count on more of them.

Apart from its academic scholarship, National Public School also encourages participation in sports and leisure.The campus provides its students with comfort through well-ventilated classrooms, cyber lab, science lab, math lab, library, health-care centre, art room, music centre, dance centre, audio-visual room, resource centre, and an auditorium.

Avg Fee structure – Rs 1,00,000-1,50,000

Address – National Games Village Complex, 80 Ft. Road, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka -560047

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